Direct Access to the Hygienist and Therapist

‘Direct Access’ means you have the option to see a hygienist without first seeing a dentist and without a prescription from a dentist.

The Natural Smile we are happy to offer this service, as it provides a quick and effective way for you to see the Hygienist to get some treatment fro your gums and advice about the health of your mouth. We do, however, recommend that in the long run you to see the dentist due to the limitations listed below.

Limitations with direct access;

  • You won’t be able to receive local anesthetic,
  • we are only able to deliver hygiene treatment – we could not for example do a filling or see you as an emergency pain appointment
  • although a hygienist can recognise signs and symptoms of dental and oral disease they can not diagnose.
  • You won’t be able to receive any antibiotics
  • or whitening treatment
  • We won’t be able to take any X-rays

Treatments that are available:

  • Professional scale and polish
  • Oral health education
  • Oral hygiene instruction

What we will do at your direct access appointment

Record all of the relevant and legally required information
Assess and record your general dental and gum health and oral hygiene. Give you all the information you need to begin to keep your mouth heathy
Discuss the recommend treatment for your your gum and tooth health

Once we have done these things we will use the remaining time to clean your teeth . this remaining time can vary greatly from person to person
depending on the condition of their medical and dental health – in some cases
there will be little time to start any cleaning but in other more straightforward
cases, the majority of the appointment will be spent on cleaning

We usually have appointments available the same week, to book your self a direct access appointment simply call us on (0117) 92 92 165

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