Payment Plans

The Natural Smile Payment Plans

We offer a Payment plan to our patients, which has four distinct benefits

  • Spread the cost of your routine appointments across the year.
  • It is approximately £20 cheaper per year to be on the plan than pay as you go, in addition to the other benefits.
  • 10% discount on most dental treatments (cosmetic treatments, implants and orthodontics are excluded)
  • Accident and emergency insurance worldwide. As well as allowing you to recover the cost of emergency appointments on the weekend and holidays whist in the UK
  • No charge for X-rays. (currently £21 each)

For the above benefits you pay a monthly direct debit, the current cost can be seen on the leaflet below.

We have set the plan up to be slightly cheeper to be on it than not, and you get the additional benefits as well. The main benefit for us as a business is that it helps to smooth out our income. So for example when a dentist goes on holiday it has far less impact on us.

There are of course terms and conditions to the plan, which you can download below but the key ones to point out are :

  • You need to sign up to the plan for a minimum of a year. We ask this because in the early days of the plan people were signing up having all of their treatment done quickly and then canceling the plan, which wasn’t really working for us.
  • If you don’t use it you loose it. We will remind you by email when you are due to see us but it is ultimately your responsibility to book you appointment to have your treatment, no refunds are issued.
  • Not all treatments are included, those excluded are cosmetic treatments , see the terms and conditions for more details

The details…

The leaflet describing all our payment plans is here

Terms and conditions

The Adult plan terms and conditions are here.

The Perio Plan terms and conditions are here.

The Young Person Plan (0-18) terms and conditions are here .

Policy wording is here

Insurance summary is here

To make a claim

please download this form

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